Research Resources

The National College for School Leadership has awarded the LTS alliance a two year research project in the area of ‘What makes great pedagogy?’.

The schools within our Alliance are dedicated to providing great pedagogy for the children in our care. Therefore, we have narrowed this research question down to a more focused area of children’s development and learning.

Our project will be looking at the effectiveness of different types of feedback and formative assessment used in the classroom. The inspiration for this came from existing research carried out by Dylan William and Paul Black and also the Sutton Trust where they identified feedback as one of the most promising and cost-effective factors to impact pupil development .

The research question will determine how different forms of feedback and formative assessment effect pupil progress and to see if the embedding of formative assessment and feedback strategies impacts upon pupils attitudes to learning and also teachers’ strengths in assessing what learning is taking place.

The benefit of working across the Alliance on this project is the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills that different schools bring. Also, the improvements we can bring to each other’s schools.

If you are interested in this area of research or would like more information please email

TSA Final Report October 2014