In 2014 we established an NQT (newly qualified teachers) Induction Programme with a fantastic group of around 40 NQTs and School Direct trainees attending. Aims

The aims of the programme are as follows:

To facilitate and challenge the NQTs to ensure the successful completion of the NQT induction year.


NQTs attend twilight sessions so that their induction training does not take them out of class in addition to the PPA time and 10% additional non-contact time they receive.

During the first meeting in the Autumn Term, the NQTs have the opportunity to express what training they would like following on from their university and school placement experiences.

These training needs are incorporated into the twilight sessions and termly newsletters. Training needs are regularly reviewed throughout the year taking into account the expected progression of an NQT.

Quality Assurance

Latchmere’s NQT Induction Programme was quality assured in July 2015 and the following observations were made:

Analysis of the current cohort’s evaluation and feedback forms reveals widespread endorsement of the programme.

‘The course provided essential support … brought me up to date and really taught me how to make teaching exciting.’

‘I think these sessions are brilliant …. they’ve given me really valuable insights into teaching and what to expect.’

‘A series of hugely beneficial sessions.’

‘The planned provision is personalised ….my opinion and that of my fellows is valued.’

‘Crazy hard work …. but totally worth it!’

Here are some Testimonials regarding the NQT induction programme.

‘The planned provision is personalised. I feel like my opinion and the opinion of my fellow NQTs is valued.’

‘The course provided essential support and brought me up to date with current ideas. Really taught me how to make teaching exciting.’

‘A great support – very informative and addresses real needs at this stage of our NQT year.’

‘I think these sessions are brilliant for School Direct trainees. So far they have given me really valuable insights into teaching and what to expect. I found the ‘interacting with parents’ session really useful as I already have to interact with parents on a daily basis.’

‘Beneficial, interesting, informative – thank you for making me feel so welcome. I felt well looked after and gained some valuable experience – thank you!’

‘A series of hugely beneficial sessions in my training year. A great opportunity to network with NQTs and exchange ideas. It is great that various speakers have given up their time to focus on a specific topic/area.’

‘Really helpful and informative sessions that reinforce my prior knowledge and provide an opportunity to hear other ideas to enrich my teaching.’

‘The team ensured our opinions and needs were taken into account when planning the sessions.’