Applicant Journey – Training Programme

Currently, the subjects & phases available are:

Primary; General (Offered in a variety of Alliance primary schools)

Secondary – (Offered at Cranford Community College) Maths; Physics; Chemistry; Spanish and German


Step 1 – Register with the Teacher Information Line (TIL) via

Step 2 – Either using the same web link or via the school direct web link –

You can search by subject, lead school or location

Step 3 – Click on the link for the provider/teaching school you wish to apply to and check their information via the school web address provided

This will provide information on the school; the partnership (including details of the accredited provider); the training programme; any open days, local recruitment events or school experience on offer.

Step 4 – Complete the UCAS online application form for your chosen school(s) and submit.   From late October, you can apply via the UCAS Teacher Training site for the majority of postgraduate courses. We’re here to support you with help and advice every step of the way – and you can use this site to log your progress and plan your next steps. – max 3 applications, don’t forget to print a copy.

Step 5 – Complete your skills test (Numeracy and Literacy) – you will need a copy of your application as part of your evidence to take the tests but can book them before completing.

Step 6 – Invited for interview

Yes this may include – further literacy and numeracy test; formal interview (school and accredited provider); pupil input (lesson delivery &/or interview); group activity

NoReview application and consider other routes into teaching and other schools

Step 7 – Offered a place on the school direct (training programme) route? With HEI provider – Kingston University

Yes conditional until references; qualification confirmation; skills test completion and DBS checks made and completed.

No – Review application; consider other routes/schools; request feedback.

Step 8 – Start Programme (likely 1 September)

You will need to – register with accredited provider; undertake an induction with the school and the accredited provider; complete the training programme, including professional studies; assignments and any academic provision leading to masters credits and PGCE, usually over a period of 12 months.

On completion you will receive: Qualified Teacher Status/PGCE.